The Parables of the Game Master

Parables are lessons taught through stories. Are you ready to learn?

In the Land of the Heart, feelings and beliefs take on lives of their own; and lying at its centre is the Mount of Omnia, where the Game Master lives.

But it’s surrounded by the Abyss of Nil, a vast pool of the lies you believe which blocks the way to the mountain.

And the Abyss is defended by the Forest of Darkness, which hides the Abyss from those who would seek the truth.

Will you play the Game? Penetrate the Forest? Make your way across the Abyss? And find and meet the Game Master?

That’s the Game.

The Abyss of Nil by Allen Scovil

Book One

The Abyss of Nil

When twelve-year-old Arthur Pye plays a new card in the trading-card game Rune Matrix with his friends, it sends him into a vast Rune-Matrix-like game world, the Land of the Heart; and in this strange place, his feelings and the things he believes are brought to startling life around him.

He soon meets an owl, who trains him and offers a quest that will lead him to the enigmatic Mount of Omnia; but he turns it down in favour of a simpler-sounding one given by a crow, who promises to get him straight back home and out of this strange place. However, to open the huge Black Gate and achieve the crow’s quest, Arthur discovers that he must solve numerous challenging side-quests in a search for seven mysterious black medallions. These take him across the entire Land and into all manner of trouble. Suffering extremes of winter cold in Lord North-wind’s mountainous realm, and of scorching sand in Lady Flame-e’erlasting’s desert, he finally collects all of the medallions, only to find himself thrown into a deadly trap that puts him face to face with his nightmare, the Abyss of Nil.

Will he be able to put together all the clues he’s been given about the mysterious Game Master before he gets pulled into this strange pit?

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To Save A Dragon by Allen Scovil

Book Two

To Save A Dragon

Arthur Pye, back in his Land of the Heart again after asking Game Master Jesus to help a bully named Sid, sets out on a new quest, and comes across an ailing river whose problem is a wounded dragon blocking one of its brooks. This dragon, the victim of a powerful giant, proves to be the same Sid who had bullied Arthur, who has been transformed to play his part in Arthur’s game, and remembers nothing of his life Outside.

Arthur nurses him back to health; but he soon goes off on his own, seeking revenge on the giant, and Arthur spends the next while getting him out of one fix after another. However, finally accepting that he can’t deflect Sid from his purpose, Arthur joins him and trains him to fight monsters, as the two of them head towards the mountain where the giant lives.

Sid loses his first battle with the giant, and goes off with a dodgy gambler to build up his strength and skill so that he can try again. But a condition of the gambler’s help is that he must enter a showdown against Lord Day-star’s stone warrior. He must find within himself the strength to go up against this new opponent, and then face his giant once more because, in his own Land of the Heart, the dread Lord Justicium waits, a foe who will not be denied.

Out of the Forest of Darkness by Allen Scovil

Book Three

Out of the Forest of Darkness

Finding himself in a new and heavily-shadowed Land of the Heart, Arthur Pye has to help a girl, Amy, to get out of her Abyss of Nil, where a massive swarm of lies has been holding her captive.

The eight demons who have taken over her Land make every effort to thwart his plans to save her; and, when he tries to help her get rid of the lies by teaching her what is true, one of those demons snatches her away to the castle of the demon lord, where she is imprisoned.

When she finally calls on the Game Master for help, her bodyguard angel appears, and helps her to escape; but she then quickly falls into the clutches of one after another of the demons. She is even taught magic, only to be thrown into a trap because of it.

Arthur, attempting to get her out of the fiendish labyrinth where she ends up being imprisoned, is himself blocked by the plots of the demons, and must fulfil a quest before being allowed to enter the place. But then, permission in hand, he is kidnapped and sealed away by the entire team of demons before he can go in.

Will Amy find her way out of the labyrinth, and make Game Master Jesus the lord of her Land in spite of the demons? Can Arthur finally get away from those demons, and rescue her? Or will the demons succeed in their plot to crush Amy’s spirit, and keep her for their own?

The Fortress With No Door by Allen Scovil

Book Four

The Fortress With No Door

Arthur Pye finds himself in Rick’s Land of the Heart; but where is Rick? Finally locating Rick’s fortress, Arthur is startled to discover that it has no way in—not a door or window in sight. Only after he performs a terrifying seven-day ritual does the outer wall come down and allow him to pull the reluctant Rick out to play his game.


The game requires Rick to get to the Game Master on the Mount of Omnia; but that mountain is surrounded by the Abyss of Nil, which is filled with all the lies that he has made a part of his life. Even as his con-science hounds him about those lies, he latches onto an alternate quest, to seek out a dragon to carry him over the Abyss rather than go through it. The dragon sends Rick out to seek a black gem it claims to yearn for called the Heart of Darkness. However, in the end the beast betrays him, throwing him into the Abyss, and bringing him to an abrupt ‘game over.’


Will the Game Master be able to find a way to reach Rick now that he’s back in the real world? Or is Rick doomed to remain trapped in the lies that flood his Abyss of Nil?