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A revolution in robotics snatches three people--a general, a boy, and a girl--from death to make them into living robots. But when the general acts on his political ambitions, the three of them get tangled up in a web of intrigue spread by the mysterious Prophet and his Family.

Parables are lessons taught through stories. Are you ready to learn? In the Land of the Heart, feelings and beliefs take on lives of their own; and lying at its centre is the Mount of Omnia, where the Game Master lives; but it's surrounded by the Abyss of Nil, a vast pool of the lies you believe, that blocks the way to the mountain.

Arthur loves playing the trading-card game, Rune Matrix; but a nameless threat hangs over him. Receiving a powerful new card from a stranger, he plays it the next chance he gets, and it throws him into his Land of the Heart. There, a talking owl offers him a quest: to find the Mount of Omnia; but Arthur isn't interested.
When Arthur asks Jesus to help a bully he knows named Sid, he finds himself back in his Land of the Heart. Setting out on a new quest for the Mount of Omnia, he comes across a badly-wounded dragon, and nurses it back to health; but the dragon can't remember who it is or where it came from, although Arthur recognizes Sid hidden within.
Arthur finds himself in a deeply-shadowed Land of the Heart, where he finds a girl, Amy, a gamer herself, who is being held captive in her Abyss of Nil by a host of lies. Getting her out of the Abyss is easy; but keeping her out of the clutches of her demons is not.